Our Charter

Representatives of Germany’s leading insolvency administrators have been associated within Gravenbrucher Kreis since 1986. The group’s members are distinguished by their outstanding competence as well as substantial restructuring and turnaround experience throughout Germany. They and their organizations pledge to maintain the highest standards of quality and service. This is verified by the exclusive, independently audited InsO Excellence certificate, which potential members must obtain in order to join Gravenbrucher Kreis.


Centre of excellence in insolvency law

In 1986, the German Ministry of Justice invited the country’s 15 foremost insolvency practitioners to critically and constructively support the reform of bankruptcy law as it stood at that time. This led to the foundation of Gravenbrucher Kreis, which remains a centre of excellence in the development of insolvency law and related issues. It also brings its experience to bear in cross-border corporate insolvencies and contributes to the development of international standards and regulations in restructuring.


Resources for complex proceedings

Gravenbrucher Kreis’s members are in favour of creditors playing an active role in restructuring and insolvency proceedings. Its members are known for restructuring even complex corporations in liaison with the creditors. They show great dedication and commercial acumen as they strive to turn businesses around in order to safeguard creditors’ interests and save jobs. On the other hand, members aren’t afraid to liquidate companies with poor prospects if this is in the creditors’ best interests.   


The members of Gravenbrucher Kreis also have the staffing and administrative resources necessary to manage even complex proceedings and international group insolvencies.

Prof. Lucas F. Flöther, Chair of Gravenbrucher Kreis
Prof. Lucas F. Flöther, Chair of Gravenbrucher Kreis

In all cases, Gravenbrucher Kreis is a guarantee of high transparency, professionalism and smooth, efficient case management in the interests of all those involved.


Best practise for restructuring

Gravenbrucher Kreis currently has 23 active and 7 passive members, who are distinguished by their long-standing experience, high independence, exceptional legal competence, strong proficiency in business administration, entrepreneurial flair, social competence, and a track record of successful restructuring. The existing members’ unanimous approval of their competitors’ qualifications and integrity is essential in order to join the group. Authoritative assessments and expert opinions derived through interdisciplinary debate rooted in the members’ rich experience are held in high regard by insolvency and restructuring professionals in Germany and abroad and frequently reflected in new legislation.


Since March 2015, the Chair of Gravenbrucher Kreis has been Prof. Lucas F. Flöther.